Give it up - your time that is!

The giveabit campaign site is all about asking people to give time  - as much as they feel they can afford - to help their local communities and the wider world. There are massive benefits to getting involved in your community. It is not just the work that gets done and the pleasure of seeing how you have improved your area or helped people, it also helps develop community relations, to develop your skills and knowldege and can also be a major asset on your C.V.

Two Percent Campaign

giveabit is linked to a sister web campaign called two percent more that has the aim of encouraging people to look at their income with a view to increasing their charitable giving. This campaign specifically asks people to use efficency savings in their budget in order to redistribute wealth from western, rich countries, in the direction of the fifty poorest countries. Please have a look and consider how you can make a difference. Thanks.

Feature: Newstead Village

Newstead Village, Nottinghamshire is a place with a strong sense of community where things get done with the cooperation of the residents of the village and often, people from outside of the village.

Many of the additonal benefits that Newstead Village enjoys are the result of many hours of hard work done by volunteers. Much has been achieved such as the Treefest festival, services for residents, safe and interesting activities for young people and the creation of a clean and pleasant environment. 

Much more is planned for the village and the surrounding area in the coming years and again, much of the effort must come from volunteers who give their time and effort, skills and knowldedge - all for free.

Newstead Enterprise has now launched another music festival - this time a paid event - which will help to fund the future devlelopment of the Newstead and Annesley Country Park.

Newstead is the first community to use the giveabit service in order to advertise their volunteering jobs and then match them to  volunteers. Good luck with this Newstead.